Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is the Key to Curing Old Age

You see, nitric oxide is NOT just the No. 1 sexual performance enhancer.

Nitric oxide opens up blood vessels in every square inch of your body… increasing blood flow everywhere… delivering vital nutrients keeping every organ young and virile.


Here’s a snapshot of what new research shows more nitric oxide can do for you:


  • Aides memory and brain function
  • Plays a key role in physical endurance
  • Supports healthy insulin levels
  • Keeps energy levels high
  • Optimizes kidney and liver function
  • Maintains brain volume
  • And supports healthy arteries, by keeping blood pressure and cholesterol within normal ranges


Simply put, without nitric oxide your blood vessels would collapse… your organs would quickly starve… and you’d die.

Which is one of the reasons why you feel worse and worse as you age. And which is why I recommend it for all of my patients.

You see, as we age nitric oxide levels decline rapidly.

It starts around age 35.

Until that point, nitric oxide levels are high… enough to keep your blood flowing and everything full of vitality.


As You Age, Nitric Oxide levels fall dramatically




But by your 70s, your nitric oxide levels have declined an alarming 75%.

You can see in the graph that as you age nitric oxide levels fall dramatically. And that’s when your body has to make a life-or-death decision:

How to ration the dwindling supplies of nitric oxide?

Should it go to organs critical for your immediate survival? Like your heart, lungs and brain?

Or should it go to the organs NOT critical for your immediate survival? Like your reproductive organs?

In other words, suffering this particular symptom of old age — flagging sexual performance — is completely unnecessary.

Obviously, this nitric oxide unleashing… blood-flow increasing breakthrough has far-ranging applications beyond just reinvigorating your sex life.

After all, every organ deep inside you can benefit from a boost in vitality more blood flow delivers.

And That’s Exactly why you haven’t heard about this yet


A “little blue pill” for your whole body would mean billions for Big Pharma,
which is why they don’t want you to know about it.

You see, Big Pharma insiders are working hard to create a drug that can fix this “glitch.”

And is it any wonder why?

“The little blue pill” made billions in profits.

And let’s face it, that is more-or-less a recreational drug.

But what if they made a “little blue pill” for your 

whole body?

That gives 70-year-olds the blood flow of 


In your heart… your lungs… your gut… your muscles… your skin… and everything in between?

Imagine the truckloads of money that would haul-in for the drug company that brings it to market!

Pharmaceutical industry insiders believe it could be the world’s first trillion dollar drug.

Which is exactly why they’re keeping a lid on it!

Well, the potential of this was simply too great to be overlooked.

And after working like “whipped mules” for months, my research team and I have discovered a workaround that fixes this glitch…

And combined it with the world’s most powerful ingredients proven to maximize nitric oxide output…

Highly researched and proven roots and herbs in a specific combination I’ve studied… tested… and perfected over the last 30 years…

To create a new formula that unleashes the full power of nitric oxide, and is, I believe…


What Doctors Don’t Know about Nitric Oxide That Leaves You Limp


Loss of erection power starts with what carries blood to your penis… your blood vessels.



Specifically, the INSIDE layer of your blood vessels called the endothelium.

You see, this is where nitric oxide is made (in fact, when it won the Nobel Prize in 1998, nitric oxide was first called endothelium-derived relaxing factor.)

But here’s the thing…

Remember when I said nitric oxide was a “signaling molecule?”

Well, before nitric oxide can signal the muscles OUTSIDE your blood vessels to relax, it must get to them… which means before nitric oxide can give you an erection three very important things must occur:

  • First, your endothelium (located on the inside of your blood vessels) has to get the nutrients required to make nitric oxide.
  • Then, any nitric oxide created has to travel through the thick wall of your blood vessels, and…
  • Finally, the muscles surrounding your blood vessels must then absorb the nitric oxide.

Only then can these muscles relax… allowing your arteries to expand… opening the floodgates for more blood to flow into your penis and give you an erection.

Now, when you are young and your blood vessels are healthy 100% of the nitric oxide makes this journey from your endothelium inside… to your muscles outside… just fine.


But Simply Boosting Levels of Nitric Oxide is NOT enough!


You see, as you age various factors THICKEN your blood vessels.


When Nitric Oxide Struggles to Get through thicker blood vessels, your
erections suffer. But Finally, There is a solution to this problem.




Unnatural additives snuck into our food supply… chemicals in our environment… toxins dumped into the air we breathe… and the stress of daily living…

They wreak havoc on your blood vessels, releasing oxidative stress. And just like damaged skin swells with inflammation…

This makes your blood vessels grow wider too.

Now obviously, swollen arteries choke off blood flow making it harder for you to get an erection.

But it gets worse.

This extra mass can also interfere with the signal produced by nitric oxide.

Think of it like the reception on your cellphone.

If you are close to a tower your cellphone works fine. But the farther away you get, the weaker your reception gets.

And all of a sudden, you can barely hear what the person on the other end of the phone is saying.

Nitric oxide works the same way.

The “signal” loses power the farther it has to travel.

How much?

You can see in the picture how little nitric oxide gets through when this happens. Researchers found typically 50% less by your 40s… 65% less by your 50s… and once you pass 60, less than 15% gets through.

And if nitric oxide CAN’T get to the muscles surrounding your blood vessels… then… they don’t get the signal to expand, and even less blood goes through!

It’s a double whammy!

Combine this with the fact your body produces less nitric oxide as you age… and you can see why getting an erection becomes such a struggle.

This also explains why typical nitric oxide therapies don’t work for some men.

It doesn’t matter how much more nitric oxide they help your body produce…

If it can’t get to where you need it most, your days of satisfying sex are over.

And Loss of Sexual Power is Just the Beginning!

The failure of the body’s nitric oxide transport system starves your entire body of nutrient rich blood.

That means…

Failure of the body’s nitric oxide transport system starves your body of nutrient-rich blood.


  • Your heart must work OVERTIME to pump blood through constricted arteries, causing unnecessary stress and strain.
  • Age-related memory loss and weaker focus as your brain cells slow down.
  • Searing pain in your joints and muscles from lack of oxygenated blood.
  • A wrecked metabolism… as vital organs fight for resources and go “offline.”
  • And plummeting energy — as every cell in your body fights to stay alive.


Like I mentioned earlier, Big Pharma insiders are keeping silent on this to protect industry profits.

But now — there’s a remarkable formula that generates 360% MORE nitric oxide you can use…


What if you had wide open arteries and near perfect circulation?

You’d enjoy…





One tablet: 19 astonishing health benefits


  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Softer, more elastic arteries, blood vessels and veins
  • Built-in protection to keep your heart and brain healthy
  • Healthier blood pressure
  • Enhanced pumping power of your heart
  • Better blood flow to your brain for a sharper mind and memory
  • Improved circulation to your eyes for clearer, more focused vision
  • Warmer hands and feet
  • Skyrocketing energy and vitality
  • Increased muscular power
  • Better exercise performance
  • Walking longer with less pain
  • A re-ignited love life
  • Heightened sexual pleasures
  • Men: Rock hard erections
  • Women: Increased sexual arousal and sensitivity
  • Activating the body’s “youth” enzyme
  • Dodging dozens of common “old age” ailments
  • Feeling years, even decades, younger


Are you deficient in nitric oxide?


You likely have low levels if you suffer from any of these health conditions …


  • Cold hands and feet
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Unhealthy blood pressure
  • Poor circulation
  • Spotty memory and brain fog
  • Muscle cramps and pain
  • Triglyceride concerns
  • Hair loss
  • Shortness of breath
  • Poor sexual performance